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Star Photo Lab is a dynamic and innovative company specializing in wedding album design software. With a team comprising skilled graphic designers and talented software developers, the company stands at the forefront of the wedding photography industry.

The graphic designers at Star Photo Lab bring creativity and a keen eye for aesthetics to the table. Their expertise lies in crafting visually stunning wedding albums that capture the essence of each couple's special day. From selecting the perfect layouts to enhancing images with precision, these designers play a pivotal role in ensuring that every wedding album created with Star Photo Lab software is a true work of art.

Company focus on providing the best quality and finest touch to GRAPHICS.

Mr. Tabish Azim

Tabish Azim, founder of Star Photo Lab since April 2019, brings a wealth of experience in diverse fields, from Software Programming to Sales and Marketing. Recognizing the challenges posed by the digital revolution in the photo industry, Tabish founded Star Photo Lab. His vision is to make "Digital" advantageous for the photo business by developing software that allows studios to create and customize compelling articles, bridging the gap between traditional photo studios and the digital era.

Tabish Azim is a powerful leader, dedicated mentor, business coach and a trusted friend.

Our Team

With a team comprising seven skilled graphic designers and three talented software developers, the company stands at the forefront of the wedding photography industry.

Kashif - senior designer


Senior Designer
Fardeen - Senior Developer

Fardeen Ansari

Senior Developer
Zulfaquar - Star Photo Lab


Graphics Designer
homa - Star Photo Lab




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